RTSE : Right to Science Education

RTSE : Right to Science Education

We are a participatory democracy. Often citizens in our country are called upon to make a decision regarding scientific, engineering or environmental projects. They must make an intelligent decision. Some of these decisions may well affect their children or even their grandchildren. We issue a clarion call for minimum scientifc literacy. Our country already has an RTE, a Right to Education. We wisth to promote: RTSE : Right to Science Education.

Open Laboratory: The Exploratory

Experimental Science is the Achilles heel of Indian Science. We are sorely lacking on this front. We are number one in soft skills but way behind in manufacturing sector. One needs to urgently addresss this. Activity to give hands on experience to students is envisaged. This will be in the form of an exploratory wherein there will be measuring instruments, probes and laboratory equipments. Student guidance will be provided and the perspective is to encourage the student to handle the different equipments and discover the laws of science on their own. Attention will be paid to safety aspects especially in chemical experiments. The idea is to instill in students the joys of inquiry and thus equip them with tools to harness their imaginations. The motto of this facility will be to
"To Build, Design, Innovate and Tinker."


Gyanodya is a project initiated by Guru Gram Welfare Society for the talented and economically poor students to guide them and provide financial support. So that they become national assets as a scientist or teachers at international level.