POLLEX Workshop Press Release


A uniqe initiative in experimental Physics learning at pre college level by ‘Guru Gram Welfare Soceity (GGWS)’ and ‘Indian Association of Physics teachers (IAPT)’. The program is jointly funded by grants from ‘The Department of Atomic Energy (DAE)’ and GGWS.

Pollex-1, the first Physics Olympiad Level Experiment is being organised by IAPT (Apho Cell) and Guru Gram Welfare Soceity at SGTB Khalsa College, Delhi University from 23rd Dec to 25th Dec 2017.

This is a unique initiative by IAPT & GGWS to promote excellence in Experimental work at the Pre-colleage Level, the basic idea behind Pollex is to give meritorious students a chance for hands on Experiments with olympiad Equipments, so that they will have right kind of exposure for competition at International Level, Moreover the students who enjoy learning physics will find experimental Physics a booster for their overall theoretical understanding. It will be a 3 days workshop which will have students and teachers from top schools in Delhi-NCR, said Dr. Ravi Bhattarcharjee head (Apho Cell, IAPT). The participants will get acquainted with latest tools and experiments such as procedural understanding, handling of complex equipment data acquisition, analysis & error estimation.

The Faculty will be made familiar with multi-demensional skills required for experiments. “Skill per experimentation is what the majority of our promising children lack and hence under peform in the international stage” Said Dr. (Prof) Vijay Singh, a Raja-Raman fellow and Ex-National coordinator for olympiads of HSBSE. There was a huge appreciation from the teachers and participating students said Mr. U.P. Singh Secretary of the Guru Gram Welfare Society.

This event will be graced by Scientific luminaries from various parts of the country, who have been masters in their own right in various areas of Physics.

Resource Team:

Prof. Vijay Singh, Dr.Ravi S. Bhattacharjee (co-ordinator IAPT_Apho Cell),
Dr. P. R. Singh (Team Leader Indian Physics Olympiad), Prof. M.L.Ogalapurkar (ex- coordinator IAPT Examinations), 
Prof. J. Gadre (Member core team for Olympiads), Dr. Bhupati Chakraborty (Secretary IAPT), 
Dr. Manish Kapoor (Member IAPT_APho cell), Dr. Deepak Chandra (Leader APho Team 2013 and 2016), 
Mr. Himanshu Pandey (Leader APho Team 2015), Mrs. Pragya Nopani (Coordinator IAPT BVN-Anveshika),


Overall Observers : Dr. Suraj Prakash, Mr. U. P. Singh
Co-ordinator: Arun Lohani (9650224321)

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